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Vaishali is a celebrity model and social activist who has drawn national attention for her campaigning on behalf of the poor and homeless women, talks on issues being faced by women of India and importance of legal aid. 

Vaishali - a known female celebrity of repute, fashion model, social worker and media personality, is one of the leading torchbearers of Black & White Law Media's message to Indian women - to stand up to the evils of sexual assault, domestic violence, gender discrimination, harassment, human trafficking, by knowing the constitution and Indian laws enabling women to counter the criminal offences.

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‘Vaishali’ – Mrs. Dubai and fashion model speaks on the necessity of instant legal help to women.

Black & White Law Media presents Vaishali Asthana, a celebrity, fashion model, and Mrs Dubai, speaks on behalf of Indian women and gives a brief yet powerful message about its importance to provide legal help to women in need.

Vaishali is a celebrity model and social activist who has drawn national attention for her campaigning on behalf of the poor, homeless and those in need of medical care. Speaking on legal rights, Vaishali says “it’s so hard to be able to speak freely sometimes but I want to speak out at all times because feminism is not a word anymore, it's just what we should do as people. Black & White Law Media is where I am able to talk about my journey with feminism and other issues

Indian Laws Defending Women Rights

  • Gender Law: Equality of women and their empowerment in the society. law related to women addresses the gender-based discrimination in employment or education etc
  • Family Law: which deal with issues related to marriage , divorce , child custody and other involves both civil as well as criminal depending upon specific case.
  • Constitutional Empowerment for Women: Article 15(3) of the Indian constitutional empower state to make special provisions for women empowerment and welfare .
  • Dowry Protection Law: Section 304B IPC deal with dowry death save women from dowry torture. and improve the status of women in society.
  • Special Rights to Married Women: Section 125 CrPC gives special right to married women for maintenance by their husband .
  • Law to Safeguard Women from Cruelty of Husband: Section 498A IPC give protection to women against the cruelty of husband and husband's relatives.
  • Remove Gender Discrimination in Succession: The Hindu succession act, 2005 was enacted to remove gender discriminatory provision in the ''Hindu succession act 1956.
  • Protect Muslim Women from Triple Talaq: The Muslim women (protection of rights on marriage) act, 2019 criminalize the triple talaq.

Legal Aid & Support

  • The Indian government provides legal aid and support to women through various mechanisms such as the National Commission for Women and the State Women Commissions.

If you need legal support

Black & White Law Media believes that no woman should be denied access to justice and bring back dignity and respect for womankind. The company offers the support and knowledge to the women they serve on how to take legal decisions and safeguard their rights on several fronts. Black and White Law Media is a company of high repute, having legal and media experts who provide women the necessary support to help them in their times of need. There are numerous challenges for women but with Black & white law media these challenges become more manageable.

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Men always get priority over women when it comes to executing law hence, we have come up with a way to make woman visible when they need legal responses.

Black & White Law Media's Legal Support To Women (LS2W) helps women make decisions and take preventive measures on litigations that gives them better protection.

Women can rely on Black & White Law Media to provide legal research, expert opinions, and personal consultation.

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