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Black & White Law Media has years of experience in criminal defense! Our team of experts is the best at helping clients after wrongfully accused of crimes. You're innocent until proven guilty, and we're here to help. Black & White Law Media is your one-stop solution having the best lawyers in the business of handling criminal defense cases and bail support. Our team has years of experience defending the innocent and can be your point of contact from the moment you need help

We support you when you need it most

  • If you have been wrongfully accused of a crime and need to prove your innocence, our team of criminal lawyers will provide you with the best defense
  • When do you need advice? When you're in jail or prison, right? And then when you get out? So it's time to get the best and fastest advice here, so you can go home on the best terms possible. We know, It's hard to get out of jail, but it's not impossible! No matter the crime or how deep your involvement was, you can still get out of jail or avoid prison altogether. Let which our experts will show you the best ways to navigate the legal system with correct facts and supporting materials, and come out on the other side with your future intact.
  • We focus to make your bail application process as easy and painless as possible. Contact us now for more information.
  • Legal guidance offered by top lawyers to help you with expert advice on criminal cases in India, we help you on your diverse requirements whether it be FIR, CRIMINAL TRIAL or CRIMINAL DEFENSE.
  • Our experts research through extensive criminal law database, case histories and are reputed contributors of legal articles and legal blogs
  • We also ensure that, during trail, all types of legal documents get available at your fingertips

Why you should choose Black & White Law Media

When you have done an act contrary to law, and are afraid of arrest and conviction, call for help. We'll turn on your scanner once you've pulled over. Get connected now.
Fight the criminal charges you face without delay!

Are you accused of criminal offence and need Affordable and Exceptional Legal advice on criminal defense & bails? Hire a criminal defense attorney today! Fight the criminal charges you face without delay!

Black & White Law Media expertise

Even if you are innocent, circumstances can take the most absurd or ironic turns

If you accidently or without intention have done something which is criminal in nature and is prohibited by law, getting criminal defense support is the quickest way to prevent a lot of unnecessary and potentially traumatic situations from occurring. Our criminal defense framework will help you administer risk management for those situations that come up where you may need to act quickly.

Criminal defense is a time-sensitive mission which we expertly manage for defending your rights, liberty and your cause in the event that you are implicated in criminal charges, when there is a risk of being arrested and sentenced. Even if you are innocent, the prosecutor can still bring up terrible experiences and make it difficult to feel safe and at ease. There is only one way to prevent this - getting the right criminal defense right away.

It makes sense to get support, especially when you’re innocent: it helps you prevent unpleasant situations and trauma.

With us you can choose a right legal defense that finds you both a time-tested solution and a highly credible one, remarkably standing out against prosecution.

Key Game changer

Instant access to online top rated lawyer and legal advisor with best resources. Step by step guidance and case monitoring via series of video sessions
Advantage: Get Instant access to online resources with video sessions with best lawyers

If you are accused of any of these or other offences, don’t delay, contact our highly experienced, skilled and accomplished defense lawyers to avoid the risk of conviction because now its ‘You vs. State’.

Your protection comes from India's leading company, perfect for your peace of mind.

The event of crimes and the punishment for it is a very sensitive one for our clients and their families. With this background of safeguarding from critically severe offences listed in Indian Penal Code, we have expertise in advising on wide range of threats :

  • Sexual offences
  • Murder
  • Homicide
  • Narcotics abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Rape
  • Child molestation
  • Sedition
  • Defamation etc

How We protect your rights, reputation and avoid penalties or fines in the unavoidable event that criminal charges are pursued

  • Step 1: Immediate Help: Video conferencing lawyer sessions let you save time and money, offer remote collaboration, offer convenience and innovative operations, offer confidentiality while one-to-one interaction. You get fast involvement of legal resources across different cities and court locations.
  • Step 2 : Continued Hand Holding till Court proceeding : Get expert, individual assistance and guidance during your court case process and strategy planning that extends beyond your case, making sure you're on the right track to success.
  • Step 3: Build a Solid Defense: Our thorough and accurate research efforts help with challenging a prosecution. We are able to provide you with accurate and indepth evidence research to ensure your defense or bail request is strong and successful.
  • Step 4: Key Takeaways & Win-win Outcome: get your charges dropped, your punishments scaled back, or even have your case dismissed. Quantum of punishment reduction in most cases observed with circumstantial data and related evidence seeking generalization of the case.

Our Distinguished Service on Criminal Defense :

We understand our clients' pain at being charged with criminal offences they didn't do or didn't intend to commit, as well as the stigma that comes with such allegations. As a corollary, our top aim is to work with clients to develop strategies that will help them achieve the greatest potential results.

Our course of action: Depending on the nature of the matter in which you are accused, our legal professionals will devise a plan of action which aims at-

  • Evaluating the gaps in prosecution evidence, and material defence causing to nullifying the charge
  • Helping in acquittal on benefits of doubt
  • Referencing the landmark judgements across various courts to build up notable pleas under the judicial framework
  • Helping our clients get the charges dropped on the basis of lack of evidence.
  • Assisting in acquittal of the client on the ground of benefit of doubt.
  • Helping in plea-bargaining to get charges reduced or potential sentence reduced.
  • Assisting you in obtaining bail.
  • Trying to design a solid defence case, which includes investigating the case, such as questioning the police about the procedure used in the case and interviewing with witnesses, as well as reviewing the prosecution’s case
  • At each stage of the case, communicating the developments in the case to the clients.
  • Assisting clients in looking into programs like ARD to keep matter out of the court

We are here for you

We recognize that being accused of a crime can have devastating consequences in all aspects of your life, particularly your family and social reputation. However, you no longer need to be concerned. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in the field and will guide you through the process.

You may be facing a charge of domestic violence, rape, theft, conflict at work, possession of narcotics, a complex money need the robust advice of a criminal law specialist. We are a team of highly experienced dispute, child molestation, child pornography or even custody over your child, and weapon crimes etc.,you criminal law solicitors that specialize in the defense of people who are facing criminal charges. We help if you have been charged with an offense or need to find out about the consequences if you plead guilty or not guilty to these charges.

Why we are trusted?

  • We are a team of advocates and lawyers who are qualified and skilled.
  • We understand the need of the client.
  • Believe in securing justice to our client through every legal means possible. 
  • Constantly communicating to the client about the developments of the case to keep them informed. 
  • Proper documentation related to case. 
  • Result oriented defense services
  • Timely responsive team of legal professionals
  • Individualized attention to each client because each client is equally important to us. 

The nature of criminal offences makes it nearly impossible for suspects to offer a complete answer and defense on their own in most cases. In such cases, it is necessary to retain the services of a well-qualified, results-oriented, and highly skilled professional defense lawyer who can assist you in communicating with law enforcement agencies, understanding your legal rights, comprehending the trial process and related legal actions from the state, and developing the best strategy to defend themselves, as well as determining the suspect's rights in a fair process and ensuring that they have access to legal representation.

Our Reliability of Best Legal Advice to Give You Peace of Mind

Are you suspect of criminal offence? Are you facing penalty? Are you under risk of arrest by police? Are you facing penalty by mistake? Do you fear torture? Are you feeling threatened by criminals? Contact our criminal defense group right away. Choose from a pool of highly qualified, professional, and reliable defense experts at per your ease.