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Black & White Law Media provides Free Legal Advice and Support service for the public on all legal matters, helping people with their legal issues.

Legal assistance is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It has been shown that people who have legal representation in court are more likely to win their cases. Yet too many people can't afford to pay for a lawyer, which means they are at risk of losing their rights and freedoms.

As many Indians are not aware of their constitutional rights, mainly due to the lack of awareness and information on such matters. Black & White Law Media is a platform a platform on which people will be able to access all their legal rights, as well as know their constitutional rights.

We are India's first, largest, and fastest-growing law media company. We ensure that access to justice is not a privilege but a fundamental right for every citizen of India. We provide best advocate services, litigation expert opinions for wide range of cases, and we use the latest technologies to make your experience with us convenient, efficient, and hassle-free.

Our in-house team of law experts and lawyers are dedicated and experienced in handling legal cases and provide free legal advice and assistance to the deserving sections & individuals of society. As the Parliament of India has incorporated a specific Directive under Article 46 of the Constitution which strictly obligates the state to provide free legal aid; Black & White Law Media stands to help and advice to those in need of justice. We understand the problem and we are striving to solve it by giving back what is due to the constitution. We believe that everyone deserves justice and free legal advice, irrespective of their economic status.

Our Key Offerings

  • Get instant free legal advice online
  • Live Counselling Session with Legal Expert 
  • 15-minute Free Video Session with Inhouse Team 
  • Case Assessment and Advisory Reply via Message or Email 
  • Chat with Legal Expert 
  • Document Review 
  • Process Guideline 
  • Complete Handholding Support to Women Suffering from Heinous Crimes  
  • Complete Support with Media Story to Dowry Death Cases & Dependents of Victims
  • Child Support 
  • Law & Rights Advisory to Poor & Marginalized Sections of Society
  • National Tribal Area Victims & Rights Protection Sessions 
  • Women Helpline, Counselling & Support by Female Experts 
  • Free Participation in Law Media Talk shows & Events 

Our Social Responsibility & Contribution to Social Justice

Black & White Law Media is a strong, innovative and path breaking platform for victims of an unlawful act or for people who are accused of an unlawful act, to get justice. No matter how big or small the crime is, no matter where it happened or when it happened, we provide expert advice and set the course for you and do our best to make sure you get the justice you deserve.
Our high-calibre framework of citizen empowerment is a radically new concept that ensures that all citizens have the right to be represented by competent and qualified lawyers, regardless of their social status. This is a fundamental right that is enshrined in our Constitution. It’s our commitment to free legal assistance to poor persons in any judicial proceedings before the Court, Tribunals, or any authority.

Empowering Indian Citizen

While the world has been witnessing a surge in the number of oppressed people who are denied their fundamental rights, contrary to this, our assistance ecosystem is destined to uplift India as one of the countries where legal assistance for the poor is not an idea but a reality.

As an effect of poverty and illiteracy, we cannot think of a situation wherein a person who is a party to a suit or a criminal matter can represent him or can be part of the hearing, which is the most essential segment of natural justice unless he is represented by someone knowing the law, that is an advocate or a lawyer. We have evolved our digital framework as an enabler by which our grand citizenry couldn’t have thought of appointing a practicing lawyer by paying a hefty sum of money to represent his case. With us, such people can get course guidance and handholding support of in constitutional framework.

Enabling Social Justice & Freedom to Indian Citizens

In India, the importance of providing advocate support has been long recognized and pursued by notable judicial personalities and the Apex court. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyar and Justice Bhagwati were instrumental in the development of the concept of Judicial Activism. They believed that for justice to be delivered, judges needed to do more than just interpret the law. The concept of Judicial Activism has expanded the dimension of free legal aid to a far greater horizon for poor and deprived people who now have access to justice.

Under the guidance of epoch-breaking judgments, Black & White Law Media is now empowering as a torchbearer. To uphold the constitutional mandate, apex court epoch judgments like M.H. Hoskot v. State of Maharashtra,6 & Hussainara Khatoon v. State of Bihar7 and Khatri (II) v. the State of Bihar8 have strengthened the notion of free legal aid in India.
Black & White Law Media is now empowering the torchbearer by providing free legal advice on their website and by publishing articles on how to get help from the law firm.