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Looking for a simple, cost-effective, and quick way to resolve your legal dispute? Concerned for business reputation if you go for litigation? Desiring to keep the proceedings confidential? In a situation where you don't have much money to spend on resolving your dispute? Wanting a solution method to your dispute where you can equally focus on your business? Then yes, you are at right place. We offer you services through our high skilled arbitration lawyers with years of experience where you can save 80 percent of the cost and 20 percent of the time with 100 percent results.

Why Our Arbitration Service is Reliable?

As a holder of a 100% dispute resolution scorecard, Black & White Law Media provides in-depth and customized solutions to domestic and international clients in arbitration. We handle domestic arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. 1996 and ICA rules as well as International Institutional Arbitrations under the Rules of UNCITRAL, SIAC, ICC, LCIA, AAA-ICDR, ICA, HKIAC, KLRCA, and ad hoc arbitrations on a regular basis. As one of our highly specialized areas of practice, we believe in designing most suitable strategy and employing innovative actions to achieve desired result.

Our Expanse

We have a global clientele that ranges from small businesses to multinational corporations in India and across borders over five continents. Our clients include companies from diverse industries & sectors:

  • Textiles 
  • Plastics
  • Intellectual Property
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Power
  • Service
  • Engineering
  • Consultancy
  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • International Investments
  • Information Technology and many more.

Our Arbitration Services includes:

  • Drafting an Arbitration agreements and contracts
  • Documentation reviewing: Evaluating of an Arbitration Agreement and Contracts from a Legal Perspective for justifying claims and bringing award in your favour.
  • Advising on the appointment of arbitrators.
  • Providing complete documentation assistance.
  • Formulating the most effective strategy for arbitral procedures.
  • Advising and resolving arbitration issues resulting from contracts and agreements: Service Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Supply Contracts, Supply & Service Agreements, Marketing Agreements, Sale Agreements, IPR Usage agreement, Commercial Contracts, Collaboration Disputes, and Contractual Disputes etc. 
  • Providing assistance in obtaining interim remedy from courts and tribunals.
  • Defending & representing clients before Arbitral Tribunals in domestic and international commercial arbitration, within and outside India.
  • Enforcing and/or challenging Arbitral Awards.
  • Providing clients with information about various facets of arbitration processes.
  • Obtaining a stay of actions commenced in violation of arbitration provisions.
  • Representing clients before High Courts in an arbitration petition.
  • Providing venues for arbitration proceedings globally.

Why choose us?

Depending on the uniqueness of your case, we provide you highly qualified and experienced arbitrators having professional background of being judges, Magistrates, Administrative hearing officers, reputed law school professors and business and trade experts. Our impartial and unbiased arbitrators have extensive expertise presiding over arbitration proceedings and resolving complicated and multi-jurisdictional disputes using well-established legal techniques, so you can trust them completely.

Benefits you get out of our help

One by one in a very simple way we help you solving the challenges of legal disputes through

  1. Saving your time:  we value your time. Our happy clients have experienced saving up to 20 per cent of their time which they could invest in their business along with getting their dispute resolved at the same time.
  2. Saving your money: we value your hard earned money. Our numerous happy clients have preferred our arbitration service than traditional courtroom litigation because our learned experts simply help you reducing the cost of resolution to an effective extent (upto 80 per cent).
  3. Resolving dispute: With 100 per cent dispute resolution score, we help you getting binding with highest satisfactory settlement within specified time. 
  4. Providing you freedom: we provide our clients complete freedom to choose best arbitrator and venue of arbitration. 
  5. Providing complete confidentiality in proceedings. Our client’s privacy is our utmost priority. We facilitate entire proceedings in complete privacy.
  6. Facilitating fast settlement of dispute: we recognize that justice delayed is justice denied. Hence, one of our priorities is to provide our clients smooth and fast resolution. 
  7. Providing Flexible procedure: With us, you get your dispute resolved on your own terms and conditions. 

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