Belief & Vision

Rule of law creates a civilization that is clearly distinguished from barbarianism. With a firm belief in the power of law as enabler & protector of civilization and annihilator of barbarianism, Black&White Law Media is envisioned to be a major enabler of society by disseminating the light of legal knowledge to citizen.

We see Law as a binder, governor of society and enabler of civilizations as it ensures liberty, integrity of every individual, and preserve the democratic character of the nation. Law protects and enables citizen, interest and overall, the nation. We wish to guide citizen in every walk of life, at every nook & corner, at every walk & sphere of life.

Our media service has the extent of providing quick response for handholding support with legal knowledge and guidance wherever anyone is in dire need of guidance and support of law. We are continually evolving a system of single source of legal support to individuals, society, and national cause. As a watchkeeper of law, our media framework is active tool for upholding law in every spheres of individual or society.

Who Are We?

Truly to the nature of a specialist media company, we envision ourselves in the role of a law media specializing in providing programs and services that inform, educate, enlighten, and enrich the public and help inform legal discourse essentials to Indian society. ... We outline three broad areas of impact: Content and Services, Innovation, and Support for Public. We comprise various teams of research fellows, subject matter experts, authors, program curators, and gamut of influencers in diverse social and professional portfolios, mentors and guides.

What We Offer?

We continue to nurture expertise in providing top notch legal knowledge to everyone, and at every walk of life, can get enticing episodes and articles on Black&White platform. This is an exhaustive platform, where you can instantly comment on articles, ask queries, and even schedule an advisory session with our experts. Your queries and talk sessions are scheduled by our service team with automated response and callbacks.

We serve the cause of people to help them overcome oppression in any form with our mind igniting videos, articles, and we strive to be a one stop law knowledge center for everyone.

We have curated Black & White as the source of accurate legal articles, case studies, judgements, real life stories, law initiatives, legal news, and plethora of legal events occurring in national and international arena.

Our Key Distinguisher – Research Oriented Content

Knowledge of law is facts of the case, well researched & presented to you in simple terms: Legal research shall help not only in knowing the background of the case but also the way to crack the problem.

Point of law in disputed issues: The point of law can easily be found by legal research by browsing through the primary and secondary sources of information.

It supplements the area of practice: It adds value to the area of practice, by backing up whatever is being quoted from different credible sources.

Persuasive value judgments/ cases Legislative history are key attraction in everything we tell.

  • Our articles are curated to make understand it in simple ways.
  • Our videos are curated with intent to explain the law insights and procedures in simple ways.
  • Our case studies are curated to give you real life experiences and law remedies everyone seeks in their daily lives.
  • Our content is designed to touch the person who lives in confines and do not know the law.
  • Our content will touch everyone lives, ignite everyone’s mind.
  • Our content will quench the curiosity of every enthusiast who wishes to dig into the depths of law.
  • Our articles and library will be a ready reference to law practitioner and professionals.
  • Our articles will be a guide to every traders and industry to know the legal aspects and safeguard mechanisms.
  • Our articles will be enabler for women, children, LGBT and all special sections of society.
  • We are a knowledge building center for students & researchers with our scholarly articles.
  • We will be guiding light for every citizen to strengthen the democracy.
  • We strive to be unique.

Citizen Legal Advisory

Citizen Legal Advisory is our special charter, to help people gain access to legal advisory on matters they might be facing or requiring in their daily lives.

As law & legal assistance has commonly remained veiled behind the complexities of legal articles, sections in legal materials, and courtrooms.

Black&White’s is a revolutionary platform to is a quick and secure platform services for expert advisory in many forms:

  • Instant query resolution, with high precision & accuracy
  • Discussion based legal advisory
  • Talk Show based question & answer sessions by experts
  • Lectures and socio-legal programs
  • Corporate sessions
  • Academic sessions

By abridging this distance among common citizen, the law and legal eco system is destined to be a revolutionary tool to catapult every individual and society of their legal privileges, rights, and duties.

We provide a truly interactive medium for every citizen for legal matters with our authors, guides and law experts.

Benefit Seekers Fulfil Their Precise Needs

Legal Knowledge Seekers: We intend to fulfil the need of any citizen of India, requiring knowing Indian constitution, law and legal processes in simple steps by presenting the subject in a simple manner.

Real Life Scenario modeling: We model every information with supportive case studies and analogies so that everyone correlates with daily life happenings with oneself or surrounding.

Extensive library of law journals, articles, news and important stuff enables law practitioners and law students a ready refence material on subjects.

For business owners, farmers, and various trade & commercial participant, we provide extensive material, and legal support to guide them in legal requirements, documentations, advisory in every step.

We provide instant legal support framework to anyone under duress, threat and under vicious circumstances when reaching out to law agencies and advisor are denied or a remote possibility.

We provide a reliable medium of all legal knowledge and advisories in various social events such as marriages, adoption, banking, family matters, property, inheritance, recovery, trade, investment, criminal threats & crime preventions and many more valued assistances.

We provide an interactive medium wherein the audience can be part of various discussions and interactions leading to a growth of law abiding, law educated community.

We provide an active reporting medium for oppressions and humanity safeguarding, such as environmental protection legal advisory, upholding the rights of underprivileged, orphans and children from oppressions.

Law Media & Consultancy

  • Free Legal Advise

    Your straightforward legal questions are answered by Legal Professionals and Lawyers. You will get timely free advise directly through legal professionals on the base of statute & case law, with the option to upgrade to availing expert opinion.

  • Talk To A Lawyer Online

    There are hundreds of reasons to talk to your lawyer in privacy, when you’ve been seriously injured, your custody of your children is at stake, or you’ve been accused of a crime, we want you to have access to the quality representation & quick justice.

  • Legal Knowledge For Everyone

    Absolutely free for everyone, hundreds of legal articles and case studies to refer for legal knowledge with a medium for your active participation in direct question asking and commenting.

  • Media Support To Prevent Social Oppression & Crimes

    A specialist media to stand for the cause of victims of severe & violent crimes, women oppression, child labor & abuse, orphan protection, with our precise media storyboarding, people outreach & pleading for quick justice.

  • Legal Shield For Victim Of Crime With Crime Prevention

    Criminal defence lawyers and our Criminal Law teams are expert advisors to provide legal shield to victims of crimes and prevent and plead for inappropriate criminal implications, in all areas of crime including drug offences, sexual offences, driving, violent offences and white collared crimes.

  • Multi-Specialty Legal Partnership Program For Corporate & Academics

    Partnership program for corporate & academic institutions for specialized knowledge building & process guidance in Real Estate Law, Family Law, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Consumer Protection, Estate Law and more…