Take Legal Help To Punish Fake Covid 19 Vaccination Criminals

Uncover fake vaccination scams and criminals to safeguard innocent citizens during Covid 19. Know the law to punish and ways to expose. | वैक्सीन घोटाले से खुद को और अपने देश को बचाएं। 

Fake vaccines pose a danger as they may be inherent with chemical compounds endangering people's lives, which is a criminal act of serious nature.

There is no drug that works against Covid 19. Luckily, we have got vaccines with a good record of preventing serious illnesses. Till every citizen is vaccinated, the government-led vaccination drives would continue in India and worldwide. The nature of unprecedented demand and gap in supply, with cost to public pocket, has opened a door to really cartels and bad actors who are taking the advantage of this crisis. Fake vaccines are a menacing fraud, warned even by Interpol and who, and has necessitated specific vigilance and defence initiatives.  

Even if they don’t pose danger, they give a sense of false security to people and thereby putting them in grave danger of contacting Covid strains as the so-called vaccinated person is indeed not vaccinated at all. Such persons when contacting Covid may further spread the virus endangering the populace and society. 

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With the government’s decision to deregulate vaccine procurement and deliveries, just as the vaccine rollouts run into supply constraints, the threat of millions of people is uncovered. The new government policy stipulated that the manufacturers can set the prices of vaccines by themselves, for the fee quota. 

Indian effort to gain control on the pandemic through a full-blown vaccine rollout with state-sponsored support makes the vaccine, not just a commodity. With a completely private sector-based production and supply facing the supply constraint compounded with huge demand has opened a gateway to scrupulous intruders, waylaying to provide quick & pocket-friendly vaccinations. Methods do vary in gamut the criminal syndicate's activities by corroborating with unscrupulous hospitals, resident societies and many charitable organizations functioning under the umbrella of healing the society – on whose pretext the citizens – put their faith. 

Why such hordes of residents & people feel attracted towards such route, causes are analysed below. 

The centre’s vaccination allocation methodology has followed no normative standards to determine how much volume of vaccine will be allocated to states. The sure-fire recipe for disaster when there is shortage was compounded with the opening of the 18+ age group to the already overburdened vaccination drive. By April end, the Cowin portal had already 12 million + people awaiting or registered in this age group. It didn’t however say that mere registration will not enable them to schedule appointments. Meanwhile, those who had been administered one dose will require allocation on a priority basis. 

Let’s have an estimate of the grim situation that on the basis of Tejal Kantikar, a research analyst on vaccination data ( National Institute of Advanced Studies), has considered that inclusive of 18+ population, the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh will take 70 months to cover the complete vaccination of all its population at the current rate.  Similarly, Tamil Nadu is expected to take 33 months at this current rate to cover the targeted population. 


Bad actors have already tried to take advantage of the worldwide public health crisis to peddle fake vaccines. From India to many notable countries worldwide, public health had been in a state of neglect or monetized off down to the individual relationships, between the doctors and affluent people. There are millions down there who can't afford highly paid visits, is the populace that is more targets to scamsters thriving on their nefarious designs with fake vaccines at rock bottom prices. 

The lessons humanity has to learn is in providing a safeguard to citizens under the stringent vigil and taking the law, law enforcement agencies, media to upkeep the trust and courage to counter the pandemic. 

Black & White Law Media provides a promising medium to unleash and assist everyone with practical interventions in safeguarding themselves, society and nation. The media initiatives and law advisories combine to provide a shield from the cartelizations and scrupulous drug administration. 

The video reel along with this article summarizes the perils in battling Covid 19.  The future isn’t written in stone but it calls upon all of us to meet the historical moment with bravery and ingenuity as a matter of principle to safeguard our fellow citizens. Below are some insights into the law clauses and sections, that may be helpful while you lead the crusade in identifying and acting against the vicious forces of Fake vaccination. 


Law Guide 

“Fraud”, “Misrepresentation”, “Coercion”, and “Undue Influence” – Concepts Explained 

Since deception can embrace various forms and is to be judged on facts of each case, and held, particulars and details of fraud are required to be pleaded in civil suit or proceedings to which CPC applies. 

In a suit, if the plaintiff alleges fraud, undue influence or misrepresentation, he is required to give particulars. 

The intention underlying Order 6 Rule CPS is that the opposite party is put .to sufficient notice as to the case he is called upon to meet. 

The concept of fraud as defined in Section  17 of the Contract Act is very wide – it includes any person who does or does not believe it to be true. Section 18 provides that it is a misrepresentation if a positive assertion is made by a person that it is not true in a manner that is not warranted by the information that he has. 

In Fraud, the person who makes an untruthful suggestion, does not himself believe it to be true. Vaccination drives with spurious vaccines, malicious and fake vaccines organizers are duly in an act of Fraud, as they themselves know the truth of the syndicate crime of befooling the people in pursuit of making quick money

In the constitutional definition of law related to fraud, this is an act that is committed when a person actively conceals a fact. 

Are the people involved as part of the job in Fake Vaccination Drive, are punishable under the ambit of the law?  Or this question can be rephrased as “Doing their job as medics or facilitators, can their mere silence on the Fake Vaccination Drive” may give an exception from being reprimanded by law. 

Under Supreme Court’s Of India’s digest publications, that mere silence has been explained in Exception, that would affect the decision of a person who enters a contract to be non-fraud unless it becomes his duty to speak ( Note: Here ‘duty’ refers to the person’s or any citizen’s duty to the constitution). A person may commit the crime without having the intention of committing it – it’s fraud. 

The law further declares that any other act fitted to deceive is fraud

In various limbs of Section 17, a person who stands accused of fraud be it in a civil or criminal action may be judged for deception in the specific case. It is apparently on the account of serious circumstances, the seriousness of the crime is to be pleaded in court. 



Motive plays a significant role in a case based on circumstantial evidence, where the purpose would be to establish the important link in the chain of circumstances, in order to connect the accused with the crime. In cases of vaccination scam or scandalous person being put on trial, will be an easy job, as proving motive will not be an important factor when abundant direct evidence gets available on records.  

  • So the criminal trial on the accused perpetuating the fake medicinal, supported with an FIR and documentary or substantial evidence shall be enough to punish the offender. 




Section 155, 198, and 190 – Legality of taking cognizance of non-cognizable offense on the police report

If you file a police report on the illegal or unlawful vaccination drives or fake vaccination attempts by individuals or conglomerates, the magistrate can legally take cognizance of the matter, namely under sections 494 and 495, basis the charge sheet submitted by police. 

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