Podcast EP01- Is It Legal To Ban Internet ] क्या इंटरनेट पर प्रतिबंध लगाना कानूनी है?

This is the 1st episode of Talk Show on Internet Usage and Regualtions by Government.  Must listen to the discussion with our Law Expert

Burning Topic 

Ban on internet means to the imposition of restriction over the internet using in a particular region of the country due any riot, violative act, or any other acts that absolutely against the nation security.

Legal Enablements & Empowerment 

•    Article 19(1) sub clause (a) of the Indian constitution provide freedom of speech and expression, that every citizens have right of speech and expression. In modern days of 21st century the internet and social media platforms are consider as best medium to express our feelings then it is violative of fundamental right.
•    Article 21 of the Indian constitution provides  “protection of life and personal liberty” it mean that the imposition restriction over internet is also against the personal liberty of the citizen of India.

Does Government Have Authority to Ban Internet to People of State or Region ?

Yes government have authority to do so. Because the article 19 (2) of the INDIAN constitution says that state can impose reasonable restriction on the exercise of the right conferred by the article 19 (1) sub clause (a). in the interest of :-

  1. Sovereignty and integrity of India
  2. The security of the state
  3. To maintain friendly relation with foreign state

 And in order to public peace and morality . 
]---------- This is pre interpretation of article 19 (2) before the judgements of cases given below regarding imposing ban over internet. 

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